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About Hawsabah

Hawsabah is a Saudi technology company that focuses on moving facilities to new generation technologies and advanced business solutions.
We innovate and develop digital solutions in the field of information technology to keep pace with the digital transformation.
At Hawsabah we analyze and evaluate all customer requirements with the help of a team of experts, engineers and consultants.

Hawsabah’sTech Labs

At Hawsabah we care about innovations and testing everything that is new in the era of modern technologies.
Therefore, we’ve established a laboratory that incubates technical products and digital solutions to serve customers efficiently and with high quality and transfer those experiences to customers by simulating these technologies on the ground.

Why Hawsabah?

  • We offer our expertise and skills to the client free of charge until he reaches the optimal solution that suits his needs and help him achieve his desired goal through the solutions we deliver.
  • We are proud of all sectors confidence, whether it is governmental or private sector. We support and help them in the process of growing their business and transfer them to modern technologies that facilitate and develop enterprises and sectors seeking to grow.
  • We are interested in providing everything that is modern in the field of digital transformation, we provide our customers with innovative and integrated solutions for information and communication technology for business by integrating several technologies into one technology that saves time, effort and cost.
  • We provide our clients with all the necessary support, to ensure the continuity of their business.

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